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Laundry Services

Do you need help lighting the load? Let us handle the burden of company’s laundry with our professional Commerical Laundry Service! Perfect for salons, schools, hotels, Airbnbs, and more – no matter what industry you’re in, we can make your life easier by picking up and delivering fresh, clean, and folded laundry!

Let us take care of your linens, towels, and more!

Ask us about the 5 Star Linens we have available for purchase!

Industries We Serve


Make your guests’ stays more comfortable and enjoyable by providing clean linens and towels on a regular basis.


Ensure that students and staff have access to clean and hygienic uniforms, linens, and personal clothes.


Improve the overall satisfaction of guests by providing clean, fresh linens and towels.


Keep medical scrubs & labcoats clean and sanitary, providing an invaluable service to patients and staff alike.


Help spas and salons maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygienic standards for their clients.

& More

Experience the Freedom From Laundry difference with our commercial laundry services.